Onexox MySISWA Plus

Introducing MySISWA Plus: Your Key to Simplified Student Communication

This plan builds on the popular MySISWA plan, adding some amazing benefits:

  • Connect your crew: Add up to 9 supplementary lines to your plan, letting you share the data love with fellow students at accredited Higher Education Institutes in Malaysia, aged sixteen (16) to twenty-five (25).
  • Flexibility reigns supreme: Each line, including yours, can have different ICs – perfect for families or sharing with eligible students.
  • Data pool that grows with you: The main line starts with 60GB of data, and each RM10 supplementary line adds 10GB to the shared pool. More people, more data to share – it's the ultimate data party!
  • Hotspot party time! All lines, main and supplementary, can turn on their hotspot, letting you connect as many devices as your data pool can handle.

MySISWA Plus Plan Details
Line type Principle Supp 1 Supp 2
Price RM35 add RM10 add RM10
Data pool Unlimited
(Pool FUP 60GB)
(Pool FUP 70GB)
(Pool FUP 80GB)
Talktime Unlimited
SMS/month 100 50 50
Total Price RM35 RM45 RM55

Add more hi-speed data

Have you hit your FUP limit on all accounts? If you find the 512Kbps data speed after reaching the FUP unsatisfactory, don't worry! You can easily acquire additional high-speed data to keep up with your needs.

Onexox MySISWA Add-Ons



(Hi-Speed Data)

Data valid until
next cycle bill




(Hi-Speed Data)

Data valid until
next cycle bill




(Hi-Speed Data)

Data valid until
next cycle bill


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