Onexox ONEfamily Plan

Onexox ONEfamily: Unlimited Calls, Shared Data, and More!

Stay connected and entertained with your family, all under one affordable plan! Onexox ONEfamily offers:
  • Unlimited calls: Talk as much as you want to everyone on the plan, without worrying about exceeding minutes.
  • 50 SMS per month, per line: Send messages to anyone, with each line getting 50 SMS included.
  • Shared hi speed data pool: The principal line starts with 60GB of data, and each supplementary line adds 10GB to the shared pool, allowing everyone to access the data they need.
  • Fair usage policy: After the shared data pool is used up, the speed will be reduced to 512 Kbps. This allows for basic browsing and messaging, ensuring you stay connected even after the main data pool is depleted.
Here's a quick summary:
Feature Details
Principal Line Cost RM39 per month (excluding SST)
Supplementary Line Cost RM10 per month (excluding SST)
Data Shared pool starting with 60GB (principal line) + 10GB per supplementary line
Calls Unlimited on-net calls
SMS 50 per month, per line
Speed after Data Pool Depletion 512 Kbps

If you are not satisfied with the speed after Fair Usage Policy (FUP), you can always boost your data speed with 3 special add-ons for the ONEfamily plan.

Get more hi-speed data add-on

Onexox ONEfamily Add-Ons



(Hi-Speed Data)

Data valid until
next cycle bill




(Hi-Speed Data)

Data valid until
next cycle bill




(Hi-Speed Data)

Data valid until
next cycle bill


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