The Bos Gaurus (TBG) Prepaid

The Bos Gaurus (TBG) Prepaid plan is uniquely crafted for TBG supporters, featuring an extended validity of 36 months. With the TBG Edition plans, subscribers can enjoy special benefits aimed at showing support for Perak FC.

For new user 

For new users who want to start using Onexox TBG Prepaid, all you need to do is purchase the Starter Pack for RM10. Then, choose any Welcome Deal (this is a one-time offer for new users) and get 36 months of validity.

TBG Prepaid

  • Sim (RM10)
  • Welcome Deal (RM30)*
    (One time only)
  • Validity 36 months
  • No commitment

Did you know? TBG Prepaid offers all the same perks as Normal Prepaid. That means TBG Prepaid users can snag the Unlimited 35 package, complete with a whopping 100GB of data at 3Mbps, unlimited calls, and hotspot usage (100%).

TBG Prepaid Simpack Price

For only RM10, you can get your SIM or eSIM for TBG Prepaid. And don't forget to pick any one of the Welcome Deal packages to extend your SIM validity up to 36 months.

Ready to show some love for our Bos Gaurus football team? Subscribe to TBG Prepaid today and score big!

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TBG Frequently Ask Question (F.A.Q)

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