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Onexox just launched the MySISWA plan, designed specifically for Student!  It's packed with features to supercharge your studies without breaking the bank.

Here's why MySISWA is the ultimate student plan:

  • Be free to explore: No contracts! Port out anytime if something better comes along. ✌️
  • Data that never sleeps: All unused data (current block), talk time, and SMS roll over to the next month, so you never lose what you pay for.
  • Connect your squad: Share the love (and data!) with unlimited hotspot on as many devices as you want. No quota, just pure connection.
  • Unleash your inner scholar: Get unlimited data for streaming lectures, downloading study materials, and staying connected with friends. ‍‍ (But remember, there's a Fair Usage Policy to keep things fair for everyone on the network. Think of it as a built-in data saver!)
MySISWA Plan Details
Plan Code MYSISWA35
Monthly Fee RM35
Data Quota Unlimited*
FUP (Data) 60GB
Talk Time Unlimited*
SMS 100

Here's the data breakdown:

  • 40GB of high-speed data, divided into 5 blocks of 8GB each.
  • Once you use up a block, you'll still have 20GB of data at 3Mbps speed. This is still enough for browsing, messaging, and even some light streaming.
Data Blocks
Data Block 1st Block 2nd Block 3rd Block 4th Block 5th Block
Hi Speed Quota 8GB 8GB 8GB 8GB 8GB
3Mbps Speed 20GB
Ready to level up your studies and ditch FOMO?  Sign up for the MySISWA plan today!

P.S. Don't forget, you can register for up to five MySISWA plans under the same NRIC, or even mix it up with other Onexox Black plans!

Get your MySISWA SIM Card Now!

MySISWA Frequently Ask Question (F.A.Q)

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