Onexox Prepaid Plan

No topup, no worries.

Introducing our revolutionary prepaid plan with an unbeatable 36-month validity. That's right, 3 whole years of keeping your number active without worrying about recharging!

Here's the catch: You only get this extended validity when you purchase our Welcome Deal within 10 days of activating your SIM. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer and enjoy the freedom and convenience of a long-lasting connection

The plan that grants you flexibility

Onexox Prepaid is the most versatile and flexible plan that gives you the choice to subscribe to various packages in the Onexox universe. With Onexox Prepaid, you can subscribe to the Unlimited 35 package, Syox30, add-on data Season Pass, and many more.

Welcome Deal for 36 month validity

Start with RM10 for the SIM card and then choose any Welcome Deal package starting from RM30 within 10 days after activation to get a 36-month validity. Please choose the Welcome Deal:

✔ 10GB (Activated immediately @ 30 days)

✔ 100 Minutes (Season Pass)


✔ Send SP FAT5M to 22111

✔ RM30

✔ 10GB (Season Pass)

✔ 10GB (Activated immediately @ 30 days)


✔ Send SP FAT10 to 22111

✔ RM50

✔ UNLIMITED DATA (capped at 3 Mbps below FUP 100GB)




✔ Send SP UNL35 to 22111

✔ RM35

✔ 20GB (Activated immediately @ 30 days)

✔ 333 Mins (Season Pass)


✔ Send SP FAT10M to 22111

✔ RM50

✔ 20GB (Activated immediately @ 30 days)


✔ Send SP FAT20 to 22111

✔ RM30

100% hotspot to all device

The best part is, it also gives you unlimited hotspot access to other devices. Don't need to subscribe to data for the next month? No problem, just let the account balance be insufficient, or you can stop the auto-renewal package if you want, and yet your Onexox Prepaid number will still be active.

All you need to do is:
  1. Choose your new Number
  2. Pick your preferred Welcome Deal
  3. Make a payment.
  4. Wait until the SIM card is sent to you and activated it. And voila, you get your 36-month validity SIM card.

No monthly commitment

With 36-month validity, there's no need to worry about monthly top-up commitments. Simply top up when you want to purchase data or Happy Hour.

The validity keeps extending

Psst... you know what? If you top up, say, RM30, the validity extends by 30 days from the last day of your current validity period. Just imagine, if you keep topping up regularly, how many extra days of validity would you accumulate?

Buy the validity

Lazy to top up or buy data? Fret not. Just top up RM25 and purchase a one-year validity, which also extends from the last day of your current validity period.

No contract

No strings attached. This is by far the most recommended plan by Onexox Dealers. Get your Onexox Prepaid now!

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Onexox Prepaid Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

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