Onexox B150 (Limited Edition)

Limited Edition Onexox B150

Introducing the new plan and limited edition Onexox B150 plan. The plan is limited to the first 5,000 customers only and it's for a limited time. It comes with Unlimited Data (FUP 250GB), Unlimited calls, and 200 SMS for only RM54 (including 8% SST) every month.

Onexox B150

Unlimited Data (FUP 250GB)

Unlimited Call

200 SMS

100% Hotspot

RM54 per month (including 8% SST)

contact Adzril 01113346188

Hi-speed data on block-by-block basis

Onexox B150 plan offers 250GB of high-speed data. This data follows Onexox Black DB (Data Buffet) rules, which are applied on a block-by-block basis.

250GB's Block

1st block - 130GB

2nd block - 20GB

3rd block - 20GB

4th block - 20GB

5th block - 20GB

6th block - 20GB

7th block - 20GB

the block-by-block basis

Data from the next block will be added to your account automatically when the current data balance falls below 2GB.

All the data within each block is high-speed data. Once all the data in a block is depleted, your internet connection speed will throttle down to 512 kbps.

New Number and MNP for B150

The Onexox B150 plan can be registered for a New Number or MNP (Port in from other telcos to Onexox). And the registration is by authorized Onexox Dealers or online registration for this B150 plan. 

Unlimited hotspot

With this plan, as always, users can hotspot the data to other devices with no limit. So don't miss the chance to get this limited plan.

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Onexox B150 Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

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