Unlimited 35 package for Onexox Prepaid

Unlimited 35

Previously known as Ultimate 35, this package is now called Unlimited 35. It's designed specifically for Onexox Normal Prepaid users.

Unlimited data connection

The package includes unlimited data (with a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of 100GB) and unlimited calls for 30 days. After reaching the 100GB FUP, the speed will be throttled down from 3Mbps to 512Kbps.

Hotspot Features:

  • You can hotspot your internet data connection to other devices.
  • There's no limit on the number of devices you can connect to your hotspot as long as you have active data available. (100% hotspot)

Unlimited Calls:

With unlimited calls, you can make calls to any network without limit.

Replenishing Data:

If you're not satisfied with the 512Kbps speed after reaching the FUP, you can always subscribe to a new Unlimited 35 plan anytime. This will give you a fresh 200GB of data with 3Mbps speed with new 30-day cycle period.


The Unlimited 35 package costs RM35 and is valid for 30 days. This package automatically expires after 30 days and does not require renewal unless you want to continue using it. You can subscribe to the Unlimited 35 plan again anytime you need it.

Unlimited 35

  • Unlimited data
    (FUP 100GB)
  • Unlimited minutes
  • 100% Hotspot

Don't underestimate the 3Mbps speed! With this speed, you can comfortably watch Netflix and Youtube at 720p resolution. But it depends on how good your network signal is in your area.

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