DA and MA in Onexox

DA is Dedicated Account, while MA is Main Account. The total credit for Onexox Prepaid is calculated as DA + MA.

If DA has RM1 and MA has RM2, that means your total credit is RM3.

Years ago, with Onexox, if you wanted to buy data, you needed to use your Main Account balance. If your MA was insufficient, you had to manually transfer your DA amount to your MA.

But now, it's all automatic. You don't even need to look at the DA and MA anymore. 

The problem is that when a user tops up RM10, Onexox will SMS the latest balance, which is not what they topped up. The SMS will say the credit is RM6 instead of RM10. Please don't get worried. Onexox just sends you the MA credit.  

If you want to know your total credit, dial *150*1#. This will show you your DA and MA details. 

As I said earlier, users don't need to worry about the DA and MA anymore. Since Onexox now has the Unlimited 35 package for data and SP FATVOICE for calls, you don't need to get a headache thinking about how to save money. 

Just buy the package using your DA + MA credit, and you're all set. You can refer to the table below on how much your credit will be separated into DA and MA. 

Topup value DA MA
RM50 RM50 -
RM30 RM10 RM20
RM10 RM4 RM6
RM5 - RM5

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