Redeem Data Voucher using Onexox Black Apps

knowing how to use the data vouchers. It tells you how to use this voucher step-by-step. Just make sure you already have activated data.

Happy Hour : Redeem Data Voucher

The best and most efficient way to use your Happy Hour data voucher. If you receive any of these promos during Happy Hour, you must be aware of how and when to redeem them. I will guide you through the process on how to redeem Data Voucher using the Onexox Black Apps.

Let's say the Happy Hour promo is like this:
Dapatkan 48GB data pantas hanya RM50. Balas YES sekarang! 38GB SP, 10GB Baucar Data.

This Happy Hour promotion directly states that you get a total of 48GB of data. The 38GB will be stored in the Season Pass (for Normal Prepaid plans), and the remaining 10GB is a Data Voucher.

Now, let's discuss the Data Voucher: how and when to use it.

You need to redeem this 10GB voucher in the Rewards tab on the Black Apps platform. When you redeem the Data Voucher, the data will be activated immediately.

However, if you don't have any active data at that time, you cannot redeem the Data Voucher. You need to activate some data from the Season Pass or subscribe to data via USSD *150#, and only then you can redeem the Data Voucher.

Let's say you already have active data, and it expires a week from the date you redeem the data voucher. In this case, the data you redeem from the Rewards tab (data voucher) will be activated along with the currently active data, with the same validity date as the currently active data.

So please be aware of the validity date of the active data before redeeming the Data Voucher."

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