Validity Onexox for 1 year?

Onexox is the only telco that gives user 36 month of validity.


Onexox Validity

Onexox validity is commonly used for Onexox Prepaid. If you are using the Onexox Black plan, there is no such thing as validity. Onexox Black users have to pay a bill every month according to their respective plans.

3 years validity with Welcome Deal

For Onexox Prepaid (Normal Prepaid) users, they will be granted a 36-month validity with the Welcome Deal purchase within 10 days after SIM activation. After reaching the 36-month mark, users can buy extra validity, but not for 36 months.

RM25 for 1 year validity

Users can purchase a 12-month validity for only RM25 using their credit top-up in their account, as many times as they want, but ensure that the credit on your number is sufficient. You can always add 12 months at any time without waiting for the 36-month date to arrive.

The validity Extended not overwrite

Simply add or purchase 1 year of validity anytime (before reaching 36 months), by sms VALID 12 and send to 23388, and the validity date will be extended for 1 year from the last date of the 36 months. Therefore, there is no need to wait until the 36-month mark because users usually forget to top up and then blame Onexox for not receiving a warning about being barred, blocked, or terminated.

Actually, Onexox does send SMS reminders every time the account is barred, blocked, or terminated.

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