How long can Onexox SIM barred after not topping up for a long time?

Please make sure you keep your number active by topping up before it barred

Onexox SIM barred

This is an interesting question for me to answer, as Onexox users often do not understand the terms and conditions of the prepaid policy. In general, if we do not top up or pay bills for any telco provider, the account will surely be blocked by the telcos. But for Onexox, here are the facts.

Normal 30 days topup

For Onexox Prepaid (normal prepaid) SIM cards, the validity is the same as other prepaid plans provided by other telcos in Malaysia, which is 30 days. It means that after 30 days, you need to top up to ensure your line remains active.

Welcome Deals saves your pocket

However, for Onexox Prepaid users, if they purchase the Welcome Deal within 10 days after the SIM card is activated, they will get 36 months (3 years) of validity. Yes, within that 3 years, if you don't top up, the SIM card can still be used for calling in and out (if there is available credit). 

Let's say the user didn't buy the Welcome Deal offer within the first 10 days after the SIM activation. In that case, the SIM card will be barred after 30 days from the activation date. Users will be reminded via SMS by Onexox. 

The Barred till status

At this point, if you check the balance, it will appear like this: "Barred till - 25/05/2023." The term "barred till" means the line has been barred until the stated date, not that the SIM card is still active until 25/05/2023. Some users may ask and complain why their phone cannot be used to make calls even though the SIM card is still active until 25/05/2023. Perhaps they do not understand the meaning of "barred" or they are unaware that it exists. 

Blocked stage

If the user does not top up until 25/05/2023, the status "barred till - 25/05/2023" will change to "Blocked till - 25/06/2023." There is a 30-day extension period with a blocked status. At this point, the user cannot make or receive calls, even if there is credit available for talk time. 

The termination status

After 25/06/2023, if the user still does not top up, the status "blocked till - 25/06/2023" will change to "terminated - 25/07/2023." At this time, the user cannot do anything. They cannot top up, and of course, they cannot make or receive calls. 

If the SIM card is in the barred or blocked phase, the user can still activate the SIM card by topping up. I usually recommend them to activate the SIM card and then buy validity for 1 year. 


However, if the SIM card status is terminated, all the user can do is make an appeal to the Onexox team to activate the SIM card. If the appeal is submitted before the last date of the termination date, Onexox will reactivate the SIM card with a penalty of RM50.

After the termination date, I think there is no hope for the user to get back their phone number as the number has been recycled by SKMM and distributed back to various telcos all over Malaysia. But you can always try to appeal.

The summary

In general, if you don't top up or pay bills for any telecommunications provider (telco), your account will eventually be blocked.

  • Onexox Prepaid (normal prepaid) SIM: The validity period is similar to other prepaid providers in Malaysia – 30 days. After 30 days without a top-up, your line will be barred. However, if you purchase the Welcome Deal within 10 days of activating your SIM, you'll receive an extended validity period of 36 months (3 years).
  • With the Welcome Deal: During these 3 years, even without a top-up, you can still receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls (if you have enough credit).
  • Without the Welcome Deal: If you don't activate the Welcome Deal within 10 days of SIM activation, your SIM will be barred after 30 days. You'll receive an SMS notification from Onexox reminding you of this.
  • Barred Status: When you check your balance, it might display something like "Barred till - 25/05/2023." This means your line is currently barred until the stated date, not that it's active until then. Some users might misunderstand this and believe their SIM is still usable.
  • Top-Up During Barred Status: If you top up before the "barred till" date (e.g., before May 25th, 2023), you can reactivate your SIM. I usually recommend topping up and then purchasing a 1-year validity extension.
  • Blocked Status: If you still haven't topped up by the "barred till" date, the status will change to "Blocked till - 25/06/2023." This gives you an additional 30 days, but your line will be completely blocked. You won't be able to make or receive calls, even with available credit. At this stage, you still can topping up your number to activate the SIM.
  • Terminated Status: After the "blocked till" date (e.g., June 25th, 2023) if there's still no top-up, the status changes to "terminated - 25/07/2023." At this point, the SIM is deactivated, and you cannot top up, receive calls, or make calls.
  • Reactivating a Terminated SIM: If your SIM reaches the terminated stage, you can appeal to the Onexox team to reactivate it. If your appeal is submitted before the termination date (July 25th, 2023), they might reactivate it with a penalty fee of RM50. Unfortunately, if the appeal is submitted after the termination date, there's a high chance you won't get your number back. Terminated numbers are recycled by SKMM and redistributed to other telcos in Malaysia.

I hope this clarifies the process for Onexox prepaid SIMs before it cannot be used anymore.

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