The Differences Between Onexox Prepaid and WAWA Prepaid

Everyone has their own preferences, which is why Onexox offers two prepaid plan options: Normal Prepaid and WAWA Prepaid.

The difference between Onexox Normal Prepaid and WAWA Prepaid. I personally would recommend Normal Prepaid over WAWA Prepaid, although the latter offers high-speed internet without capping.

WAWA's offer is not any less impressive.

WAWA Prepaid comes in two types: WAWA18 and WAWA35. True to their names, WAWA18 offers 18GB of high-speed data, and WAWA35 offers 35GB of high-speed data for the prices of RM18 and RM35 respectively, without SST charges, as WAWA is a prepaid plan. The WAWA (18 and 35) plans have their special niche. I say this because if WAWA users exhaust their data, they cannot add additional data by purchasing a Season Pass or Happy Hour. They need to purchase data through WAWA's special add-on. In contrast, the Onexox Normal Prepaid is more versatile.

I prefer Normal Prepaid

The only thing I like about Onexox Prepaid (and i would recommend to other user)  is that the plan can subscribe to the Unlimited 35 (UNL35) package. It costs RM35 (same as WAWA35), but it offers unlimited data (FUP 100GB) and unlimited calls for a month. However, you must know that the speed of the Unlimited 35 plan is only 3Mbps. Surprisingly, I can stream Netflix smoothly and watch YouTube at 720p. Additionally, Onexox Prepaid offers the option to extend validity for 3 years (36 months). WAWA cannot extend validity for 36 months but can purchase one year of validity for RM25. Because of that, I prefer Onexox Prepaid over WAWA Prepaid.

The additional data

If Onexox Prepaid users exhaust their data, they can buy additional data from Happy Hour offers and also purchase Season Pass data. Similarly, both WAWA and Normal Prepaid users can choose to ignore topping up or subscribing to any plan if they do not need it. It's a free choice for both WAWA and Normal Prepaid users.

Onexox Prepaid vs. WAWA Prepaid
Onexox vs. WAWA Prepaid Comparison
Feature Onexox Prepaid WAWA Prepaid
Data Plans More variety, including Unlimited 35 Only WAWA18 (18GB) and WAWA35 (35GB)
Additional Data Purchase through Season Pass and Happy Hour offers Limited to "WAWA Special Add-On"
Unlimited Data "Unlimited 35" package (FUP 100GB) Fixed 18GB and 35GB
Calls Unlimited with "Unlimited 35" WAWA18 (100 minutes), WAWA35 (300 minutes)
Speed Varies, up to 3Mbps with "Unlimited 35" High-speed
Validity Extension 3 years (36 months) with Welcome Deal purchase No Welcome Deal offers

So here is the summary : WAWA vs Normal Prepaid

While WAWA Prepaid offers high-speed internet without a data cap, I personally recommend Normal Prepaid for its greater flexibility.

WAWA Prepaid:

  • Comes in two types: WAWA18 and WAWA35.
  • Offers 18GB and 35GB of high-speed data for RM18 and RM35 (without SST), respectively.
  • Unique data system: Once data is exhausted, additional data can only be purchased through "WAWA Special Add-On," not through Season Pass or Happy Hour options.

Onexox Normal Prepaid:

  • More versatile with options to purchase additional data through Happy Hours and Season Pass.
  • Offers the "Unlimited 35" package, costing RM35 (matching WAWA35) with:
    • Unlimited data (Fair Usage Policy: 100GB)
    • Unlimited calls for a month
    • 3Mbps speed (surprisingly sufficient for streaming Netflix and watching 720p YouTube)
  • Allows extending validity for 3 years (36 months) through Welcome Deal offers.

Overall, Onexox Normal Prepaid offers greater flexibility in data management and validity extension, making it my preferred choice.

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