Onexox for torrent and P2P download

No, cannot use mobile data to download torrent and p2p

One of the potential customers is interested in Onexox B150. I believe he is interested in the smooth and fast response of the Onexox internet speed generally. But before he proceeds to register or subscribe to Onexox B150, he asked about the download functionality using torrent or P2P (Peer to Peer). As he mentioned, other telcos restricted this function.

When I checked the FAQ for B150, there was no mention about restrictions on P2P or torrent downloads. But to confirm even more, I called Onexox Careline at 12273 using my Onexox SIM, and asked the careline about this matter. 

The careline said it was a good question because he had been using mobile data for torrent downloads before, and it was restricted. So he assured me that Onexox B150 also cannot be used for torrent or P2P downloads due to restrictions from the website or server that can detect if the connection is from mobile data. The careline advised using fiber or cable internet service if one wants to use P2P or torrent downloads.

After that, I tried to download a torrent using my Onexox B150, and indeed, it could not work. The download progress was stuck at 0% even though my B150 speed was 11Mbps at that current time.

As for me, it is good that mobile data is restricted for torrent and P2P downloads as it will make the internet traffic connection smooth for each user.

But for other things like streaming YouTube, Viu, or Netflix, B150 is a great choice. Please WhatsApp me to subscribe to B150.

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