Onexox TBG50 plan same as B150

Introducing TBG50, a twin plan to Onexox B150 with unlimited data, calls & 200 SMS/month for RM53. Crafted for Bos The Gaurus supporters of Perak FC.

New TBG50 Onexox Plan

Forget TBG89 and TBG150. Introducing the twin of the Onexox B150 plan, the TBG50. TBG50 is exactly the same plan as B150 with unlimited data (FUP 250GB), unlimited calls, and 200 SMS per month with a monthly commitment of RM53 (including 6% SST). 

The benefits of TBG50

The difference between B150 and TBG50 is only the name; all the features are still the same. However, as you know, the TBG50 plan is crafted specially for Bos The Gaurus supporters of Perak FC. Subscribers can enjoy special benefits in support of Perak FC. Every supporter who subscribes to TBG50 will get updates and news about their favorite team via SMS and will get benefits from the team.

Register TBG50

Users can register for their TBG50 plan from an authorized dealer or online, either to get a new number or maintain their existing number from other telcos.

Users can also convert their existing Onexox plan to this new TBG50 plan with a term; from a prepaid plan, wawa plan, or Onexox Black plan that has a commitment below RM50 monthly.

Change or downgrade Onexox plan

If you are a user who subscribes to an Onexox plan that has a commitment higher than RM50, such as B89DB, you can convert your plan to Onexox Prepaid first, and then after one month, you can convert to this TBG50 or B150 plan. Please refer to authorized dealer to change your existing plan.

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