Change Plan : Onexox Prepaid to WAWA Prepaid

Change plan from Onexox Prepaid to WAWA Prepaid is free. Get help with Onexox Dealer to change the plan.

I was asked by one of the Onexox Prepaid customers. He wanted to change his plan from Onexox Prepaid to WAWA Prepaid. Actually, I needed to recommend that he didn't need to change the plan because, as I suggested, Onexox Prepaid has more flexibility than WAWA Prepaid. But on second thought, I believe he knows what suits him best.

So, as an Onexox Dealer, I helped him change his Onexox Prepaid plan to a WAWA Prepaid plan. The method is pretty simple, and no fee has been charged to change the plan between the Prepaid Family. 

After this, he cannot buy any Happy Hour offer by Onexox. He also missed the chance to subscribe to the Unlimited 35 package that only costs RM35 for 30 days with Unlimited data (FUP 100GB with 3Mbps internet speed) and Unlimited talktime. However, WAWA Prepaid also offers great features for those who find them suitable. 35GB and 18GB of High-Speed data monthly is quite impressive. 

After all, we're not all the same. Choose the plan that suits you best.

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