Unlimited 35: Stream Netflix with 3Mbps data speed

3Mbps internet is enough to stream Netflix & YouTube in good quality with Onexox Unlimited 35 plan. It offers 200GB data at RM35 which is cost-saving.

Did you know that with an internet data speed of 3Mbps, you can stream Netflix in good stream quality? People may be skeptical about the 3Mbps speed, but I can assure you that it's enough to stream Netflix smoothly. It started when I decided to subscribe to the Unlimited 35 plan (UNL35) for my Onexox Prepaid.

In earlier days, this package offered only 50GB of data with 3Mbps. I was like, "Is this 3Mbps enough for nowadays usage?" But I gave it a try, and yes, the 3Mbps speed of the Unlimited 35 plan is stable and enough for my daily internet usage. From that moment, I no longer chase any Season Pass and Happy Hour data offer.

Nowadays, the quota has been increased to 100GB instead of 50GB. And the latest update is that the quota has increased even more to 200GB with the same speed of 3Mbps.

If I stream YouTube, I can even stream videos at 720p streaming quality with the Unlimited 35 plan. What a blessing! You can really save money with this package.

I just wonder why people want super-duper high-speed internet when you can use 3Mbps (the average speed of the data for UNL35 is approximately 2-2.8Mbps).

But I admit, if you use other Onexox data plans that have unlimited speed (high-speed data with no speed cap), it's better and smoother for daily usage. As for myself, I'm sufficient with the UNL35 for my work, such as social media, streaming videos, and even uploading YouTube videos. So, I highly recommend that you choose Onexox Prepaid and subscribe to the Unlimited 35 plan.

It's a good plan. But if you want a better option (with high-speed data), I would recommend the Onexox Black Plan, B150.

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